62 Summer Crafts for Kids

Need inspiration for those long summer days? Here are kids’ crafts to keep them — and you — occupied all season.

girl covered in paint

Summer is usually kids’ favorite time of year — but not so for parents and nannies. It can be tricky finding activities to keep your little ones occupied during this time off from school. Other than days by the pool or trips to the beach, what can you do to bring some excitement into the seemingly endless dog days of summer?

The answer: crafts!

Here at 62 great kids-friendly craft ideas that inexpensive, easy, great for all age groups and perfect to do indoors or out in the summer sun.

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  1. Pool Noodle Horses
    Add a little more fun to a day in the pool with these pool noodle horses. Your little ones will love to ride around on their customized ponies.
  2. Butterfly Beach Bucket
    This reusable chalkboard beach bucket is a great craft your kids can help make in preparation for a trip to the beach. Inexpensive and surprisingly easy.
  3. Firework Painting
    Get patriotic with exploding firework paintings that are inexpensive and easy-to-make. These paintings will bring the Fourth of July fireworks home when the real ones aren’t accessible.


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