7 ways to encourage your children to love reading

If you child dislikes reading, here are 7 ways to get them excited to read:

Have books around the house

This may seem simple enough, but it is a great way to intrigue your children. My house had more bookshelves than we really had room for and all six of my siblings love reading. We would pass by books every day and one might capture our attention. It’s like watching an ad for a new TV show – the first time you are not interested, but eventually you get curious enough to at least look it up.

Children will react in a similar way to books. Their interest will be peaked and they will start reading

Read out loud

Read books to your children, even when they are young. Often times children will imitate what you do. I could read just fine when my Dad started reading Harry Potter out loud to me. Soon I was intrigued by other fantasy books and I stopped just reading mysteries and expanded into a different genre.

Read around children

When children see that you make time to read, they will make time to read. If you never used your phone while you were waiting at the doctor’s office and instead read books, your children would think reading books was a normal past time they should try themselves. When they see you smile as you read or frequent the library they will be curious as to why you are reading what you are. Encourage this curiosity.


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