Cool Sippy Cups for Your Tots

Move over, bottles. There’s a new cup in town. Check out these 10 fun BPA-free sippy cup designs that any kid would like to sip from.

This streamlined sippy cup from Boon looks more like a piece of art than a drinking device. Aptly called the Fluid, this 9-ounce designer cup will be the envy at the playground and at your next playdate. Its rounded shape and indented center make it easy for kids to hold and show off at the same time. ($7.49;

Sippy cups in a snap

The clever people who came up with this universal sippy cup top deserve a prize. This ingenious SipSnap cap turns any existing cup you have into a sippy for toddlers. There’s also have a straw version. It’s so smar —— and one of those things you wish you had thought of first. ($21 for three;

Just like mom and dad’s

Shhh, don’t tell your toddler that the Explora from Tommee Tippee is a sippy cup, because he probably thinks it’s a sports water bottle just like the one you use. The cute designs are hard to resist, and the internal valve system ensures a truly no-spill experience. These 12-ounce cups are perfect to quench thirst after any activity. ($12.95 for a pack of two;


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