Finger plays: Where is Thumbkin?


Fingerplays like Where Is Thumbkin? introduce new vocabulary and help infants and toddlers coordinate words with finger motions.

Fingerplays like Where Is Thumbkin? allow toddlers to practice coordinating words and finger motions.

Where is Thumbkin? Where is Thumkin? (Hide hands behind back)
Here I am! Here I am! (Show left thumb, then right thumb)
How are you today, sir? (Wiggle left thumb)
Very well, I thank you. (Wiggle right thumb)
Run away, run away. (Hide left hand behind back, then right hand)

Other verses:

Where is Pointer? (repeat with pointer finger)
Where is Tall man? (repeat with middle finger)
Where is Ring man? (repeat with ring finger)
Where is Pinkie? (repeat with pinkie finger)
Where is the family? (repeat with all fingers)


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