5 Fall Nature Crafts for Kids

You’ll get double the fun with these kid-made projects: first the nature walk to gather supplies and then the creating!

Fall Nature Crafts Funny Forest

Funny Forest

Outside, collect a variety of materials like rocks, sticks, moss, and bark. Then choose a clear vase or deep bowl for the terrarium. Paint sticks and stones with acrylic paint and let dry. Layer natural rocks in the bottom of the container and cover with preserved moss from a craft store. Have your child create his own fall scene with the natural materials and other bits and bobs from around your house.

Fall Nature Crafts Cone Critters

Cone Critters

Craft cute hedgehogs (or other animals) from pinecones. Cut a small circle of felt, snip out a 90-degree-triangle wedge, and then overlap the two cut edges to glue into a cone shape. Once dry, glue to the tip of a plain or painted cone. Cut two smaller circles and attach with glue for ears. Finish with a small black pom-pom for a nose and small black beads for eyes.

Tip: Use scissors or pinking shears to add personality to each hedgehog face.


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