Ten Tips for Infant Sleep Training

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1)      Eat, Play, Sleep.  I put this as #1 because I believe it was absolutely key with making both of my kids good sleepers. This comes from the method known as Baby Wise. The idea is to not feed a child straight to sleep. Instead, baby should follow a routine of Eat, Play (as infants this basically just means awake time) and then Sleep. Baby will wake up ready to eat. I didn’t follow this at 2am because, let’s be honest, I was only interested in getting my child back to sleep. But during the day, I strictly followed this method.

2)      Establish A Schedule. In addition to Eat, Play, Sleep, I instilled a fairly strict schedule regarding naps. This can help to regulate nighttime sleep. Try starting with the same awake time each day followed by the same nap and bed times. You might feel like you are on house arrest a bit. This can be hard when you have more than one child. But the more you can get them scheduled, the easier your life will be, I promise!

3)      Establish an Early Bedtime. It’s easy to think the more tired the baby is, the easier he will go to sleep. That is, until you have battled with an over-tired baby. Aim for your baby to go to bed around 7pm. Some research and experts report that babies who go to bed earlier actually end up sleeping longer!

4)      Wait until your baby is old enough. My son was born 4 weeks early. He was 5 lbs when we brought him home from the hospital. I didn’t even think of any sort of sleep training until he had put on a few more pounds and was checking out as fully healthy. My daughter was 8 lbs 13 ounces. Clearly she was ready at a younger age than her brother when it came to instilling some sort of routine.

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