4 Clever New Childproofing Products for Your Home

Childproof Products DECCO the Toddler Monitor
The Virtual Night Nanny
Invented by two moms who had toddlers who wandered from their bed at night, the DECCO the Toddler Monitor ($80) is the next stage up from a video monitor. The adorable motion-sensor device hangs on your child’s doorknob and lets you know you if he leaves his bedroom via an alert to your cell phone. 
Childproof Products Safety 1st’s OutSmart collection
The Decoy Button
Our editor laughed out loud when she saw the Safety 1st’s OutSmart collection ($4 to $13) at a trade show. Each item is designed to distract toddlers with a “decoy button,” which can be pressed but doesn’t do anything. Your child stays safe and doesn’t get frustrated. The line includes lever locks, toilet locks, knob covers, and more. 
Childproof Products Qdos’s Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit
The No-Screw, No-Tip Solution
Each year more than 17,000 kids need care in emergency rooms due to a TV, furniture, or an appliance tipping over! Traditionally, you’d need to break out the drill to install a screw-mounted device into the wall to attach to furniture. Qdos’s new Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit ($13 for two) uses unique hooks that go into the wall between studs, leaving only tiny holes while supporting up to 150 pounds.

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